About Me


I've often been asked what genre of photography I enjoy.  The short and longer answer is "people photography".


I enjoy photographing families, children, weddings, as well as shooting pinup, fashion and theme based (cosplay) photo shoots with models.  If there is a person in the photo, I enjoy every aspect of it.  From getting to know who I am photographing, to seeing the joy they receive after getting their photos.


I've been blessed by having my photos published in Classy Keen Magazine, American Classic Magazine and Fashion Bombshell Magazine.  All pinup based magazines.


Feel free to contact either via phone or email by clicking on my Contact Me page.



What People Say About Me


"James is by far the best photographer I have ever come across.  He is great with children and is able to capture those truly candid cherished moments on film.  I feel so blessed to have had him photograph my son during some of the most precious moments of his life.  If you are ever interested in capturing life's most treasured moments on film, use James...he is truly the best."

- Amelia Banks -


"Many thanks to James for yet another job well done! My daughter, Scarlett flirted with James and his camera the whole time! James completely captured the feelings and emotions of a childs first birthday with family! I am so grateful for his work! Looking forward to more chances to work with you James! You are wonderful!!"

- Alexis Darr -


"James has a real talent when it comes to photography. Not only do we recommend him for weddings, but also family pictures. He works very well with babies/children. James Carson Photography is the only way to go!!"

- Timothy Bardo -

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